Trendy Southern Fall Fashion

By Ashley

Hi loves! Today I’m sharing with you my Top Trendy Southern Fall Fashion Looks for 2022. Stay tuned and keep reading to find out why I selected these super cute looks for this year.


If you all live in the South or anywhere near it, you know that it doesn’t really get cold… like ever really. I mean it gets sort of cold November-January I would say. Other than that thought, I would say it stay decently warm here in Tennessee. This can make it difficult to find a solid wardrobe for the fall months! It’s not your typical cardigan outfit or turtle neck sweater. We have to tweak this super cute “fall” outfits to the weather. In fact, I would put “southern fall fashion” in its very own category. Well, hence why I’m writing this blog post. Lol. What I’m trying to say is that you really can’t compare it to your basic fall fashion looks. That’s what makes this so fun! Whether you’re planning a vacation here or you’re a full blown resident, this blog post is a great guide for what to wear this Southern Fall Fashion season!

There are a few staples that are absolutely essential to include in Southern Fall Fashion. #1? BOOTS. Boots are literally perfect for the fall. Although people kind of wear them year round, they are simply way too hot to wear in the summer. Sure you can throw them on with a dress or shorts, but girlfriend, when I tell you that your calves are going to SWEAT… trust me. Beauty is pain and sweat, we know! But back to my point about why they are so amazing in the fall. They are the perfect staple for any outfit especially in Nashville! I have a whole blog post for that so just check that out HERE. Some other great staples include denim jackets, jeans, dresses… heck – anything denim. Long sleeve dresses, blazers/blazer dresses, flannels (of course), and more.