Redefining the Southern Belle

The clothing style of the southern lady is usually associated with the region's warm weather and elegant gardens. However, Sassy Grace boutique's beautiful grace and sassy collections show that the southerners can dress to match their sophisticated surroundings without being stuffy. The belles' style has evolved over several centuries, but the basic elements remain unchanged. Sassy Grace Boutique offers a modern interpretation of traditional southern fashion.

The belle ladies prefer soft, natural fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton to accentuate their delicate features. They also favor dark hues in their wardrobes to make them more presentable in dimly-lit rooms. To complement their dark colors, the belle ladies prefer to wear white at some point during their ensemble— for example, a white lace collar or cuffs with a dark dress or jacket. In addition to accentuating their natural features, soft fabrics allow the belle ladies' bodies to move freely without causing discomfort.

The typical southern lady's wardrobe includes a long gown with softly pleated skirt and lace trimming at neckline and sleeves. The gown may be either knee-length or full-length depending on the wearer's social status. Full-length gowns are more formal while knee-length ones are more comfortable but less respectable. To make her gown more comfortable, the lady will wear wool or silk stockings with matching shoes or slippers. She will also carry a warm winter coat over her gown for colder weather and may carry a fur muff for extra warmth when it gets cold.

The typical southern lady's hair is styled in an elegant coiffure popularized by famous opera singer Jules Paerl in his 1860s era performances. It consists of loose curls adorned with flowers and ribbons at base of hairline and back of head respectively. The curls are made softer by applying oil before curling them so that they don't look too stiff or curly when worn down. The lady will accentuate her curls with a velvet ribbon bow at nape of her neck which is adorned with matching flower bow at back of her head respectively. To complement this hairstyle, she will also wear eye makeup consisting of black kohl eyeliner, black eyebrows and black lips to make herself appear even more mysterious and alluring to her admirers

Although considered old-fashioned by contemporary standards, the typical southern lady can still rock her classic style without looking out of place in modern cities due south! What’s most noteworthy about this is that she no longer needs to compromise comfort and style— she can have both! Adherents can follow suit by updating their traditional styles with lighter fabrics and brighter colors while keeping their natural beauty intact!